Theatre Notes

There is an exciting new edition to the blogroll on the left of your screen: a link to the Melbourne Institution that is Alison Croggon's Theatre Notes. I have read some of her reviews before and have decided that indeed it is good to read reviews more often that are not just in the weekend papers. After all a considerable nice thing about reviews is their subjectivity - there can be so many different points of view. Alison is also a poet and there are links from her theatre blog to her poetry page. Nice mix.

Here too is a link to another local theatre blog, TheatARGH! It is not part of the blogroll simply as it is not being updated regularly anymore, however I am certainly looking forward to going back through the archives in some of my more epic procrastination sessions.

It also puts to shame the lack of Theatre Reviews that are on this site. Rest assured there will be some coming up soon. There will be a serious attempt to try and stay on top of things better and churn them out.