Art Project Links and Artwork debrief

Apologies for not including the relevant links in the previous post, here you go, click here to go into the room and here to have a close look at the feature art work. The feature art work for the Tate Britain is Chris Ofili's No Woman No Cry. It is a very beautiful art work. When I was in England last year I was lucky enough to attend a retrospective of his work at the Tate Britain. He uses lots of colour, stylised imagery and interestingly enough Elephant Dung. When he first came to prominence this was one of his signature features. No Woman No Cry was a major point in the exhibition and is incredibly moving.

Retrospectives are the best exhibitions, I think as you get such variety and you can see the development of an artist. Ofili does these adorable and fascinating things with watercolour/ink and a motif of a chap with an afro-hair-style. There was a room that had nude studies and these little faces and then they were combined as well. There was art with the lines of the nude figures were made up of these tiny little faces with big hair.

Interestingly there was an article in MX today about Art Project (powered by Google). This was interesting but also gratifying to discover it very close to when it has been released. Who knew we could be so up and responding to current events in the artworld!?