Gallery Heaven: Google Art Project

Dear Google, you power my blog and my email and to a certain extent my life and I do love you and could not ever live without you. I am however a little creeped out by some of the street-view things you do etc. But that aside, I have just discovered a wondrous thing powered by Google. It is so lovely and great that it makes me go all soppy and sentimental.


Art Project powered by Google is quite simply inspired. As you can see from the print-screen image above WE ARE IN THE TATE BRITAIN IN LONDON!!!!!!!!! I love it! There are links to the Tate and information on the works and it is wonderful. Nothing beats going there but if you cannot travel to the other side of the world, this is an option that doesn't discriminate on access to travel. It will be fantastic for schools, for students, for everyone.

Best of all, it isn't just the Tate! There are other options, other galleries and other museums. I really hope that this Art Project gets the support it deserves and that Google begins the process of using its technology for great things.

Thanks go out to the person who fb shared this wonder in my homepage.