Nostalgia Food

Food cravings. Yes, well I have these quite a bit although not to binge levels as discussed in Fat is a Feminist Issue post. More interestingly I get them associated with literature. Well, literary in the loose and somewhat all encompassing term. Let's rephrase that to Children's Literature!

I remember reading somewhere that JK Rowling loves reading food descriptions and this has stuck with me. Amongst favourites are in those Famous Five adventures and the Swallows and Amazons series. They always have such scrumptious picnics and meals accompanied by a side serving of adventure and excitement.

Being vegetarian I don't really get the corned beef and pemmican thing, but it is the surrounded writing and the ginger bear that gives these hearty meals such power. Anyways today for lunch I am having a fried egg and baked beans on sourdough toast. This is my equivalent and takes me totally back to a little island where poor old Anne has to cook for all the others. It is a weird nostalgia as there is no personal experience, but the words and the language and the food are enough.

I'll cheers a ginger beer to that. Pop!