More Theatre Notes!

Another local theatre blog or two to go up on the blogroll! [This is exciting, I wonder if I will ever get referred to as a local theatre blog? Probably not, considering the next post I have planned!]

The first is Primitive Surveys which is written by a boy with a beard and a talent for reviewing in dialogue form. Yes, the Melbourne Reviewing Equivalent of Plato is at your mouse clicking finger tips. Head on over.

The second is Guerrilla Semiotics where you can go to both read a nice little review and feel feel brow beaten by the delightful authors views on Australian Narrative. Personally it is an interesting viewpoint, but not one that I necessarily prescribe to. Certainly it is interesting that she managed to work a narrative line through No-Show and its meandering wanderings. I think it is rather human to want narrative though and we will seek to do this from everything. Which is why most of my plays end up with a resolution. The glass of water gets drunk and we 'all can appreciate that together'. Thanks to the author for an insightful review.