Art Notes

This is the announcement of another very special addition to the left hand of the page here, a wonderful artist's blog Shoes and Ships and Seiling Wax is to put it mildly absolutely gorgeous - the design and the photography and the aesthetic of the blog is incredibly visual. I tend to associate blogging with words but that was not the case with this one. True words are important but it is the images and the record of the artworks that is the focus. Particularly interesting are the photos of the cardbard sculpture/installation peices that were on display at the This Is Not Art Festival in Newcastle.

Beautiful. Quiet. Contoured. Absorbing.

When an artist and the blogosphere combine you get very different results to writers. Hey, go diversity! Of course an old friend in Glorious Pancake Morning also has superiour art and aesthetic to most. Be sure to keep in touch with the art inside as much as the words.