And then there was Light!

This week whilst working on the fabulous No-Show I learnt how to rig lights. This is the type of skill that I have not aquired for ages and has led me to go around talking in nonsense about "feeling empowered" and "two inches taller" and "more confident." But it is a strange thing when you learn something so compeltely out of your comfort zone it really builds you up. Both Richard and I had had no lighting experience whatsoever but happily La Mama is a great place to learn things, and they are happy to support you.

More importantly learning how to rig is a pratical and important piece of knowledge that will help with directing, writing and creating theatre well into the future. Lighting is incredibly important and whilst the design for the No-Show is deliberatly clunky and not slick at all - fitting in rather well with my inexperience - it is well executed, rigged and operated. Plus we use really cool natural lighting coming in from an open door. Nice.

Anyway, I am taking in my camera this evening to take some shots. Gotta have a record of the first lighting rig!

Tickets are still available for the rest of the season - until Sunday but the house only seats 25 so it is a small capacity and you'll need to get in quick. Link in older post two down from this one to the La Mama site for details.