Ranger's Apprentice Series Continued

Well from previous perusing you no doubt have read my review of the first book in the Rangers Apprentice Series (surprisingly good - check out the link) anyways I did not quite love it enough to read the entire series, but I have just read book eight, The King's of Clonmel. It was very easy to pick up again and the characters were familiar enough to slot into relationships and patterns without feeling like one had missed out huge blocks of information from their lives in not reading the six books in between.

Again, it was again a real pleasure! I mean of course Halt turns out to be the rightful king to a neighbouring kingdom, but that predictability aside it was interesting. The adversaries in this novel are a creepy cult that are masquerading as a religion. Again hideous cover but what can you do?

So if you have an late primary-schooler get them into this series. They are totes worth a peek.