Three Men in a Boat Review

I have finished Three Men in a Boat and nearly finished Three Men on a Bummel. Both are excellent and very amusing. And English. Terribly English. Swoon. Jerome K. Jerome is a master of obscure hilarity.

Now, Do you know what a bummel is? It is a holiday of sorts that involves a set finished date but no concrete plans for what will be happening or where it might be occurring. Sounds like a lot of fun, not really my type of holiday although these three men have learnt well. However hard Harris, George and J plan there holidays they always end up on a bummel sorts!

I love the narrator of these books, at the same time he manages to be self-deprecating he is completely unaware of his own hypocrisy. That is hard to do and the fact that we remain affectionate towards the author/character is testament to fine writing. The detail is wonderful and so is the dialogue. The food description is hilarious (see cheese!) and these characters have no hesitantion in turning on each other in what they might think is witty banter. I imagine they would fit into a fabulous play (if they havn't already) and I am much looking forward to the movie.