Comments, Yes?

Well, for a little while now I have been receiving feedback that people would like to comment on things posted here on this little site. So here is the deal: comment away! They are now enabled - for a trial period they will all be moderated through me, so don't expect them to pop right on screen - they will be along shortly. It also means that you - yes you - need to comment because whilst I was happy enough blogging to the world without feedback you were not happy enough. So get to it! Play nicely and make this little experiment worth it.


  1. First comment? Right, so you need to click onto a post-title to access the comments section. k?

  2. Hmm, troubling. Looks like you're missing some code under your posts.

    I applaud this change, by the way. Being able to give feedback makes a blog engaging and fun to follow. It's especially exciting when you actually get a reply from the author - I read the blog of a science writer whose book I LOVE and he responded to my comment and I was so happy!

  3. Do you have a theory of what code? Or any other suggestions for doing it a different way? Sigh. Yes, I am hoping it will be a good thing!


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