Omelette Love

As you can see I make a mean omelette, I make a messy omelette and a scrumptious and very photogenic omelette. The key is to using eggs is to use those produced by the happiest chickens available, you will eat a bit less as they are expensive but you will treasure the taste/texture/yum factor all the more.

So, what you need:
2 eggs (free range certainly, biodynamic/organic desirable) - whisked together in a glass.
A clove of garlic (optional - give as much as you like)
A generous handful of frozen peas.
Great olive oil
A nice frying pan.

* Heat pan on the hob, then add oil - just a splash and enough to coat the base.
* Add your peas and garlic into your glass of whisked eggs
* Turf the whole shebang into the pan. Now, here some peas will stick together so use a fork and break them up, one pea thick this omelette needs to be.
* Cook on a medium heat and flip - Well don't if you like it runny (ew!) - if you are lucky it will do this in one piece, if not divide it.

Serve on wholemeal Sourdough toast or a crusty baguette or eat and top with top quality grated parmezan and black pepper. Mmmmmmm. Want some?