Art Notes Bus Project at Donkey Wheel House

Sonja Hornung - 'Thick Space'
Look through a camera and what do you see
I see a reflection looking at me.

A maze of mirrors dance with flowers and light in this installation. Around a double corner a very simple geranium lit by a fluro bar sits next to a mirror. This is witnessed by another mirror; another reflection and so on until the entrance of the space where there is a camera. Here you can glimpse the light through the camera viewfinder and as you move into the space and look in each mirror, you begin to see the red and green of the flower, becoming part of the installation yourself. The use of space in this exhibition is remarkable, and the artist has taken great care to mazimise the intricate turns and shifting corners. There is a special sense of discovery to this piece, and to me it does not really matter how you catergorise the geranium at the end as long as you find it.

Dylan Hammond - 'How I wish to be Remembered' 
On the surface this work appears as a funeral of a person but really for me it was an acknowledgment that moments exist and then they die. We are all passing through time. There was no sense of loss to this transaction, we exist in conversation from printed emails and on screen and then we don't. It was quite matter of fact. For the opening there was much lively movement through this gallery, the candles were lit and unlit and it had a vibrancy that seemed at odds with the subject. Subsequent viewing in a more quiet viewing proved more reflective and it was nice to take the time to look under the tracing paper and into the carved wax.

Jessica Honey & Harry Metcalf – ‘One Armed Man Applauds the Kindness of Others’
This was especially interesting from a curator perspective. Separately these works would exist in their own right and together they too exist on individual merits but one fines oneself trying to tie together the works - not necessarily successfully. My first viewing tried to read too much into the significance of a fractured and displaced Tony Abbott and Charlie Sheen amongst the grotesque sheen of glossy poses of children. The second time the techniques spoke for the art and not forcing meaning from the connection ensured a much more pleasurable viewing experience. Celebrity haunted the space - that was enough.

Reviewing art is terribly subjective and in the case of these four very talented artists they were all very deserving of being accepted by Bus Projects. Also, WOW! Donkey Wheel is incredible.