ANFSCD: Tragical - A Rant

Tragical? It was the bastardisation of a word that caught my attention. ‘Tragical?’ Really? It was naturally an ABC news story about some parish in the United States who saw fit to burn a copy of the Qu’ran. After choosing to share this act with the world via the internet the Pastor is facing outcry across the world and the realisation that he might be the direct cause of increasing civil unrest in Afghanistan.

Not that he would ever acknowledge that. He is proclaiming that we need to “call these people to accountability” but he is the one who needs to be held accountable. This Pastor is an insult to his faith. His actions are an insult to humanity and he must face the truth that his actions have far reaching consequences beyond endearing him to his out-of-touch-parish.

It makes me boil with righteous fury to hear this man attempt to defend his actions. Why do people feel the need to not only practice their own religion but fight others of a different religion? ARGH! I think that it is ‘tragical’ that he would descend to such a measure to gain local popular support for his church.

Perhaps it is doubly troubling that the Pastor cannot even use proper words to describe the loss of life that his actions have precipitated. Words are very useful at distancing and removing oneself from the truth and in this case it is especially poignant that this Pastor cannot be bothered with real words. His self-proclaimed distress is a farce of language and he’d do better for the world if he worked for understanding rather than bigoted grandstanding.

A further note, this bloke was the idiot planning on having a day of burning the Qu’ran a while back. This was intended to be a more reserved opinion note but really, he has been nurturing and inflaming racial hatred and deserves to be excommunicated from his church and arrested.