Theatre Listings

So I am going to start with a list of every piece of theatre that I have seen since I started this blog... the order might be a bit random.

Note: these first few were in England!
1) Aladdin Theatre Royal, Windsor
2) The Habit of Art, National Theatre, London
3) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Novello Theatre, London
4) Ordeal by Innocence, Theatre Royal, Windsor
5) Legally Blonde - the Musical!, Savoy Theatre, London

Back to Melbourne now! (these next ones are student shows)
6) The Blue Room, Guild Theatre
7) Rotate 270, Union Theatre
8) Much Ado About Nothing, Guild Theatre
9) The Wedding Singer, Union Theatre
10) 2010 A Space Oddity, Union Theatre
11) The Pitchfork Disney, Guild Theatre
12) 12 Angry Men, Guild Theatre
13) Trans-Mute, Guild Theatre
14) 24 Hour Play Project 2010, Guild Theatre

Now for wider so-called-professional shows (in Melbourne, again)
15) Ngurrumilmarrmiriyu [Wrong Skin], Malthouse Theatre
16) Elizabeth - Almost By Chance a Woman, Malthouse Theatre
17) The Three Penny Opera, Malthouse Theatre
18) The Warsaw Ghetto, La Mama
19) Mamma Mia!, Her Majesty's Theatre
20) 1989, St. Martin's Youth Theatre
21) Between Us, Cromwell Road Theatre
22) Waiting for Godot, Comedy Theatre
23) The Ugly One, MTC

So, at this stage, there is a list... I think that is everything... so far, it may change - it certainly feels like I have seen more than 22 shows, but you never know! Maybe I just become too involved in each one and thus more drained? Anyways. There will hopefully be more retrospective reviews - even short ones coming along soon!