ANFSCD: Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow is an institution. It is also a show that I covet and love to pieces. In fact I am ending my rapture now, to go and catch the last 15mins of it on the telly.

Such A-Find!
Such Interest!
Such Intrigue!
Such Greed!
Such History!
Such Eyes-sparkling-in-anticipation!
Such Sentimental-Value!

"Well yes, my grandfather twice removed did in fact find this object in a skip about 300 years ago whereupon he tried to sell it for 5pence and was turned away by a peddlar who then realised 2 years later it was genuine artifact and so tried to buy it through my grandmother's lady-in-waiting who upheld the family honour in refusing to co-operate and told her master who got it revalued at about 5pounds. From there it has stayed in the family of a reminder of what is important to life..."

"Well yes, of course, you cannot buy that sort of family history. Do you know anything more about it?"

"No. Not really. Just what my Aunt says. She thought that perhaps it had sentimental value for our family."

"Well, it seems that your Aunt may have underestimated it's historical value because this, my dear fellow is A GENUINE PART OF A TARDIS found in the late 17th century!"

etc. wonderful stuff.