Robin Hood (2010 Film)

Robin Hood is an amazing story. It has romance, adventure and fantastic politics - which is why it is reincarnated so pften. The latest incarnation was directed by Ridley Scott and stars Russell Crowe. It is supposed to tell the story of how the legend was born. In fact the plot was really, really bad especially as EVEN if it was a shit premise overall, it didn't EVEN make sense within itself so the writing/script/principle of the film was completley rubbish.

However, it looked very nice and you know what I have realised: the Russell Crowe is hot! Ok, bear with me here. Humprey Bogart to look at isn't all that gorgeous, but in character and on screen his charisma oozes into the cinema. This is the same with Mr. Crowe. As I was internally bitching about the film, he as Robin was completely mesmerising and wonderful and ensured I actually enjoyed the film. This guy is a fantastic actor! If he had been given a proper script and story to tell the film would have been absolutely awesome and would go down in history as a classic. As it is. People will remember it as well acted but insubstantial. I mean, the merry men adventuring in the forest is the best bit and it was non-existent. To compound the injustice of this there were other fine performances from Cate Blanchett, Matthew MacFadyen, Friar Tuck actor-man and the evil bald guy. With the right vehicle, this could have been a wonderful movie. Instead it was mildly enjoyable to watch the performances.

And so the moral of the story wasn't 'equality for all' and 'stealing from the rich to give to the poor', it was DON'T MESS WITH A STORY THAT EXISTS AND IS ALREADY GOOD! YOU JUST END UP SCREWING OVER BOTH YOUR ACTORS AND YOUR AUDIENCE. And on that note, I suggest you wait for the dvd.