Photos in the Sculpture Park

In an attempt to redress the male/female imbalance of tasteful-classical-sculptural nudity on this blog so far I give to you another wonder that is:

By the same Artist no less! He was on an island in the middle of an ornamental lake in such a fantastic pose I think - there is such energy to the pain - which you can't really see from the front as his hands obscure the arching of his back and his face.

The side view is better though. You get the throw back of despair and the kinetic feeling that he is about to fall to his knees. In the first of the profile shots he could be smoking the branch and having a relaxing and reflective drag, however I love sillouettes. Isn't it wonderful to have Art exhibited in such an environment. It's magical.

With the second profile perspective, you get more of the Scultpure Park, which I think contextualises it all too much away from mythology- nevertheless I like it.

In regards to the subject, apparently he was a phrophet of som description so perhaps I have misread his posture of agony. Perhaps it is rapture?!