Crowded House

I am not what one might call a 'music buff' or someone 'into music' per seh. I love it certainly but don't tend to broadcast my wonderful taste over the world/ my outfits/ the internet. Except when it comes to Crowded House. I will shout and yell and sing for them because they are ultimately the most wonderful band ever.

Boy I love these Boys.

All the previous albums (including bestofs) and a new one shny and waiting and I AM EXCITED! My EARS are excited. It almost makes me want to done a whimsical outfit with fat headphones and sway on the spot with my eyes closed whilst standing on public transport. Almost.

So treat yourself and listen to them because they are intelligent, amazing, deep and meaningful, funny, musically gifted, sound fabulous, are cute and artistic all at the same time. They are in fact the soundtrack of my life.