Yesterday I Wrote.

Yesterday I wrote.

I wrote with a pen and a notebook and spent most of the day writing and reworking and bashing it all out.

Most of the time I write on the computer. I do planning a bits and pieces by hand but the majority of the time I am typing and the words appear on the screen. Circumstances yesterday prevented this but presented a long stretch of time where I was able to tackle and substantially work on a project. 

It meant I actually had to rewrite things to work things.

And it was great. I love the workings. The arrows. You can almost track the thoughts and the ideas as it was written. It felt quite organic and suited the rhythm of the writing as well. Changing pens as well worked to mix it up a little. 

I always Save As and keep tracks of drafts on the computer but it is the nature of word processing that you delete as you go and paste over. On the page with a pen you can't easily do that - and it was really nice to just get it all down and there - even if I didn't use it. Interestingly, the entire piece shifted from the character answering a question from the viewer to asking a question and that pretty big shift is all there.

This morning I typed it out. I made two small changes but that was it. It felt clear and crisp and quiet separate from the writing done yesterday. I prefer not to pin down process but I think with this project I might play further with this method, especially as it is quite language focused.