Writing Photos. What Writing Looks Like.

I've been updating my website this week - it's a big few weeks for grant applications and trying to get some money for some projects moving and so about half a year's work needs to be updated as well as biography, CV - photos etc.

I've put more photos.

So many photos.

It's weird with theatre, I've become so obsessed with documenting everything because otherwise people don't quite believe you, that you have had something performed, that there was an audience and people clapped. It's like if someone isn't there and didn't see it then it didn't happen. If something is published either online or in print then it is a lot more tangible. Anyway, increasingly obsessed with the importance of documenting process and performance I collect photographs as evidence of everything I've show I've worked on.

As a writer though you get a whole other problem. Writing? Photos? How can you show that online?Luckily I live with two people who have decent cameras and patience. So I do have proof! Actual proof. Here I am, an actual working writer, writing.

With the help of A Little Chicken.

Image: Jennifer Hook

And with Tea and End Game.

Image: Sarah Louise Fowler

Although, I need new ones. And a new mug! That one met an unhappy endings.