How I Accidentally Fell For Bruce Springsteen.

Last year I kind of fell pretty hard for Bruce Springsteen. Having never really been on my radar I got linked to 'Dancing in the Dark' through a fashion site that I read because of Courtney Cox's starring role.

I was writing at the time an early draft of a visual theatre interpretation of Dante's Inferno. Paper Trail hasn't gone much beyond that draft but the youtube autoplay function led me onwards and before long I found myself listening to an entire Bruce Springsteen concert. This sort of obsession happens to me often on a project basis - ie. if I started listening to something during an early draft I continue until I finish. 

Well, Bruce has stuck around. 

Yep. 2015 was the year I got into Bruce Springsteen. 

I am that cool. 

Bruce Springsteen
Photo: Monty Fresco.

So is Bruce. He was hipster before hipster was an ironic twinkle.

But listen to me! It is such great music, not only to write too - but to tidy up to; to dance to; to motivate your morning. There is just these fantastic driving beats that power you on through whatever you need to do. It makes checking emails e.p.i.c.

He's also a great performer and super charismatic. Check this out.

It's a perfect winter turning into spring song. It fills my heart.

So I'll be reading his memoir out later this year, trying to get along to his concert tour and turning up the volume when I am cleaning my room. 

Oh and I'll be singing too loudly to hear you judge me.