Je Suis Punch! Short film.

To coincide with World Puppetry Day 2016 Gary Friedman Productions have made and released a new short stop-motion puppetry film Je Suis Punch!

It is a work that explores Freedom of Speech and expression in the context of Alfónso Lázaro de la Torre and Raul García Pérez - two Spanish puppeteers who were recently imprisoned because of their radical Punch and Judy show: Je Suis Punch. It tells a tale of a Punch and Judy puppeteer silenced and forced to flee. 

The film is part of a bigger project Gary has been doing called The Puppet and the Power - a full length feature documentary about the use of political puppetry. It's a fascinating subject both historically and in a contemporary context. The power of a puppet to subvert and voice things unable to be said is extraordinary. It's something that transcends beyond art and into the Political.* You can find more information about the project here.

So today the puppetry world again shares a response to silencing. Please watch, share and remind all artists that Mr. Punch never stops talking. Keep making!

Speaking of making, here is a making of video.

Viva Freedom of Expression. Je Suis Charlie! Je Suis Punch! 

*Yes I know all art is political with a small p.