The Lost Thing

I am quite excited (a lot of the time actually but more so at the moment) because a series of splendifourous things have happened.

a) A gorgeous book called The Lost Thing by the talented and wondrously imaginative Shaun Tan was written/illustrated.

b) This book was adapted as a stage show (which I unfortunately did not get to see but looked completely lovely and adorable).

c) This book was then adapted into a short animated feature. It is truly stupendous and sweet and everything about it is just about perfect. Shaun Tan co-produced/directed and was intricately involved with the design and it shows, it is such a delightful animation of the story and world on screen. I think SBS might have been involved and it was on the telly, anyway, See here for the trailer:

It is also narrated by Tim Minchin who has a great voice so the whole shabang really works. I found the DVD when I was in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Sydney Town, in their shop. Yes, I might have squealed!

d) The film was watched, loved and enjoyed.


Isn't that one of the most enchanting and wonderful things? Sometimes the stars/or whatever really align and talented and great people get recognised for just how great they are. Shaun Tan's illustrations/artwork/storytelling is second to none.

More info:

I like to think that we are all following a wavy white arrow sometimes.