101 Posts!

101 posts! Well that is quite exciting, I guess. When you start a blog it can be quite a challenge to keep up to date with content and with everything. This year I hope to continue using this space as a way to keep writing, publishing (in some form) and engaging with the creative world. My mother is starting to hassle me into writing reviews of films, etc. and keeping a better track of things that I love and/or dislike. She asserts this is a way to develop ones own iniative but also taste and style. Anyways, we shall see. It is important to discuss WHY one loves/dislikes/cannot stand something is it not?

There is also the very real possibility of many, many more photos. I am planning on setting up a linked Flickr account and uploading things from adventures in the past few years which have never made it onto the screen or even harddrive of my computer.

So Happy 21/1/2011! Happy 101 Post! and Happy any Dalmation related pun you can think of (because I cannot seem to lead any to the surface as I am barking up the wrong tree)!