Light Reading for the Fiesty Female

I am a little apprehensive about what I am about to start reading. Fat is a Feminist Issue is a title that has been sitting in our study for ever-such a long time and I am finally going to dive in. Literally and literary. This is a prelude to The Female Eunuch which I am to read as one of my major goals for the summer.

Sometimes you really need to confront those words and ideals that might not necessarily be what you feel comfortable with. Feminism, has become such a harsh word. A derisive word, when really it should not be at all. You can write all you like about first, second and third wave feminism and the conseqeuences and lack thereof! Write about it, but it also needs to be read. Hence now for some light summer reading. Plus Germaine is 73 years old and is on Grumpy Old Women. What is not to like. Gulp?

Am I scared that I will not like these books which are so much a part of our culture and identity? Is it sacrilgeous in a way to disagree with these texts who redefined femininity? Do I want to look in the mirror and face a hypocrit?

Then again maybe I might be looking at myself differently and it won't matter one little bit. Seriously! Then I might be brave enought to tackle My Mother and Myself and Women who Run with Wolves both of which have been given to me by v. lovely and strong women. Then don't be surprised if you get eaten for breakfast.