Photos in the Sculpture Park

These hotos were taken by me at a Sculpture Park down on the Peninsula (name to be added when looked up!). Anyways, the point is, Marble Sculpture is simply glorious - the pose is so evocotive in its real-ness. You can just imagine she is picking at a calous on her foot! But... if you walk around the rough marble is all that you see. It's marvelous what your brain fills in when you see just a torso. Classical/neo-classical sculpture I think always captures the imagination - it's why we still love David. They are just incredibly beautifully realised
This was way back in early 2009 sometime. Can't remember when, I do remember thinking how awesome it was that a Sculpture in such an environment was the stimulus for further Art - ie. photography. I might well, dig into finding more from that day. It was very rewarding
Top photo: straight on.
Middle photo: info plaque - go check out the artist
Bottom photo: because of the poisiton of this piece - in a quite small courtyard next to the main building, there was an incredible reflection and light thing happening. Anyways, I think this may be my favourite photo of the day. Dappled sun and all. Oh, and not sure if you can tell from photos as much, but it was an impressive size and took 5 years to complete. That is what I call Art for Arts sake!