ANFSCD: Eurovision

I just want to announce the fact that I love Eurovision. I think it is awesome, fantastic and amazing!! I greatly enjoy watching it on the telly, and even not being able to vote matters little. I get so worked up and involved in it that the refrains of


echo around my lounge room. And you know the best part, it worked. After sitting on a measly 3 points for ages they finished on 18 points ahead of the wooden-spooners UK on 10. Everybody made double figures and this was a good thing! Spread the Love Europe. Share the Moment.
(To clarify, I actually didn't think Belarus 3+2 with Butterfly were very good but, come on! 3 points!)

My favourites were:
  • Greece (Opa! Energy and really awful hair)
  • Serbia (The most amazing hair you have ever seen in your life - and as for the cheekbones!)
  • Albania (good song, not-so-good shoulderpads, but they can be excused because of the disco balls!)
  • Belgium (although more bling, nice song, but not very Eurovision!)
  • Germany (ok, I admit, it's grown on me, the beginning is v. Beyonce but I think it works. Good on her!)
  • Lithuania (completely robbed in not making the final, sparkley shorts and all!)

Trends of the show included:

  • The Colour Blue (fiddles, shoes, lights, dresses etc)
  • Scarfs (see Russia!)
  • Wings (see Malta and the seagul and Butterflies for Belarus)

Weirdest things:

  • Fake instuments - Lithuania (forgiven, it was FABULOUS)
  • The Hair - Serbia (Forgiven, it was HILARIOUS)
  • Adam and Eve, apples etc - Poland (Unforgivable - yes, far to complicated for 3 mins and didn't work at all!)
  • Duelling Pianos - Armena (ok.)
  • Seagulls - Malta (Hmmmm, lovely dancing but really, it didn't fit in and was strange!!)

Things I am over generally:

  • Back up singers being, boring and sort of tacked on as an addition. Use the space!
  • Power Ballads - I WANT TO DANCE! It is Eurovision, after all.

I think that is all. I am sharing the moment with you in presenting Lithuania - Eastern European Funk by InCulto