The Fool In Souliloquy.

The Fool In Souliloquy from In Souliloquy on Vimeo.

By Tilly Lunken
After William Shakespeare’s King Lear.

The Fool In Souliloquy was directed by Victorine Pontillon for Cycle One of In Souliloquy. It was performed by Michael Bagwell.

In Souliloquy is co-devised and produced by Tilly Lunken and Victorine Pontillon.

In the play The Fool is a very important character early on in that he tells the truth to Lear about his daughters. He is a loyal and trusted servant, however in the storm once the story has no need for him he just disappears and is never referred to again.

Our Fool continues to speak truth, illustrating it with little rhymes and pointed barbs directly addressing the Bard. He challenges who’s stories are worthy of being recorded. 

As our token bloke in Cycle 1 - The Fool being given a voice very much ties back to class and the importance of artists to be heard. On that note you can listen to him on SoundCloud.