Helena In Souliloquy.

Helena believes in the truth of her love. She has to.

By Tilly Lunken
After William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream
Helena In Souliloquy was directed by Victorine Pontillon for Cycle One of In Souliloquy. It was performed by Christine Leigh Milburn.

In Souliloquy is co-devised and produced by Tilly Lunken and Victorine Pontillon.

Helena finishes the play living her happily ever after – she endured a distressing and unreal dream and awakes to find Demetrius still living it. She accepts this love as it appears as fierce as her own passion for him.

Our Helena knows she must continue to trust in her love; she can’t afford not to and yet she must continue reassure herself and justify it to us and herself that it is real. At night the questions come into her mind - but she shall put them aside. She has to! Otherwise she unravels her own happy ending.