It's spring here.

Thing are new.

The birds are singing and the blossom is out.

I've had a website for a while now with up-coming projects and work-in-progress stuff. I love the way it looks and will be keeping that up - but I also miss the rawness of blogging and how it is a mini soap box. Twitter isn't long enough, instagram is too pretty and I can't bear the thought of tumbling so here we are back on good-old-blogger, trying it out again.

This page basically wins at having old hits on it, which is why it is still love. So thanks for dropping by and checking out all my old student theatre posts, I took reviewing so seriously then, and now, I do sort of miss it - although I sure prefer making work than reviewing others! And thanks for coming to check out the words to Each Peach Pear Plum, it's my go too last story when putting my nephew to bed, because I can 'read it' in the dark.

Anyway, here's to posting reasonably regularly and keeping updated with the world.

As I say, it's new.