Writing Each Day.

I read today in the paper that Phillip Pullman (of His Dark Materials Trilogy fame) recommends that writers develop a habit of writing. This is also true in particular for blogging, is it not? I find that as much as I tend to put of writing or starting to write until later in the day, I get much more done starting early. Today for instance I have a synposis! True, it is massive and over-written and a bit long but it is there and waiting to be re-worked.

There is of course dangers in developing too much habit within your creativity. To this end my latest draft of my novel extract (which as soon as I have finished this post I will be returning to) is not in verdana. Gasp! I hear you cry. This is indeed a little of my reaction, but returning to Times New Roman has given a different vibe to the piece. Seriously. Perhaps as it is as I am a quite a visual person that I love verdana and all its little fat, squashed letters. Perhaps for the same reason this draft feels more serious and proper than previous ones as it is in Times New Roman. Who knows? The habit however need to be broken a little, or changed, or adapted. In the same vein it is good to go and type outside for a bit.

Then again, wherever one is writing it is good to be writing. Besides, there are other accompianing habits that will never change. Tea?

To Whit - my mothers chai. Recipe to follow soon!