Amanda Palmer Down Under

Isn't it cool when things in the world connect in awesome ways. Well, Neil Gaiman has long been a favourite author. He is by far the best contemporary short story writer that I have read - specialsing in magical realism true but such craft! Totally as cool as they come, too! He recently married the somewhat awesome and also incredibly cool Amanda Palmer.

So within this context on International Women's Day she came to Melbourne University for a talk and I bought her signed CD Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under. It is great! There is cute-ness; there is hilarity and then there is poignancy. And a smidgin cannibalism. But there you go! We can't all be vegetarians.

Below is a song she performed for us, that isn't on the CD but is great. She does these ninja gigs all over the world when she is touring via twitter. Anyway, enjoy and totally check some of her other things out. Not just because she is married to Neil Gaiman but because she is fabulous in her own right too!