LTRHDS - the Exhibhition of the English Alphabet 2010

Question: WHERE IS THE E?

26 Artists and 26 Letters? 26 Artists and 25 Letters, possibly 24 Letters, or 23 (but I like Robins).

I love Art. I love Artists. I love 'Modern Art'; 'Post-Modern Art' and normally anything than illicits the magical capital A at the begining of ART. Yet, this exhibhition annoyed me. Here is the reason: if you recieve a brief to create a Letter Head for a Letter - that is the brief. You do not churn out some obscure reference as an in-joke.

I have no problem in principle to someone who splurts out black paint, layered and dripped on a black paint background and labels it Art. Good for Them! BUT when it is clearly stated that this someone was commissioned to produce the Letter E and splurts out said "black paint, layered and dripped on a black paint background and labels it Art" it pisses me off. Yes, I was able to use it as a mirror as the reflection in the glass was wonderful due to the dark background but where was the E? Hmmmm?!

abcd E fghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

It defeated the entire purpose of the exhibhition. Be quirky, be ironic, be funny, be cute, be whatever you like but when your 'brilliant idea' undermines the work hung beside you which was created by people WITH THE SAME BRIEF! (Insert insults from various Monty Python involving hamsters).

If you want interesting and worthwhile - see Letter S, and U. Anything but boring. Still make you think and not undermining anything. Honestly, the E made me so cross, this entire post has basically ignored the real life wonder of seeing a Graeme Base original. Love him, love his books, love his art and love his A.

Art should not be made just to Annoy, it should also be made to Admire.

Check out website - the things are travelling.