A Doctor's Sonnet

On the one hand the travelling gets tough
Inside out, upside down, I don’t know where
Whether back or front of time, it’s rough
Our space, e-space, no space – we go, and dare!
Tracking lost paths and forgotten highway
Through endless terrain, not so new to me
I miss being home, can’t bear one more day
Of what can seem like floating aimlessly.
On the other hand, you are fantastic!
I can’t get enough of this wonder life
Since you rescued me from hands of plastic
I will endure any harangues of strife

So we redefine human laws it’s true
We two, that’s Rose, and he’s the Doctor… Who?

(An exercise - also from 2008. I actually sort of really love this in some ways and in others not so much. We had to write a sonnet that dealt with completely juxtaposing content. Traditional and structured in form and the opposite in what was being written about. In this case Dr. Who. Giggles! Not sure if it works, but hey, it's sort of fun.)