ET TU - Iachimo and Goneril.

Iachimo - Tom Pepper
Goneril - Jennifer Aries
Written by Tilly Lunken
Directed by Victorine Pontillon
After William Shakepeare's King Lear and Cymbaline.
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Music: Kevin MacLeod gymnopedie 3 - Satie (
Special thanks to the gorgeous Crooked Well pub in Camberwell! 

Writing this dualogue was great fun as the characters are on one level such horrible people and on another so into each other - it's a real exploration of how to connect with people in contexts you might not expect to see them. These two are completely unforgivable, have committed crimes for selfish reasons and yet here they are reaching understanding of who they are - there's no need for pretence and for once they both might have an honest conversation.

Together they might just achieve the infamy and or redemption they both crave.