Orlando In Souliloquy.

Orlando In Souliloquy from In Souliloquy on Vimeo.

Performed by Kaiden Du Bois
Written by Victorine Pontillon
Directed by Victorine Pontillon
After William Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida.
Orlando In Souliloquy is part of Cycle 4 of this project

Special thanks to Jennifer Hook and Tilly Lunken.
In Souliloquy is devised and produced by V&T

Victorine's Orlando is lovely and it is deceptively simple in both construction and flow. Kaiden's performance is lively and he infuses the character with such a charisma you can't help but want his continued happiness. 

We had a fantastic amount of fun on this shoot - it was also the first to star the amazing wallpaper that Google photos insists on declaring Hawaii. So, surfer dude indeed, this Orlando is an intrepid adventurer in more ways that one!