Titania In Souliloquy.

Titania In Souliloquy from In Souliloquy on Vimeo.

Titania In Souliloquy by Tilly Lunken (After William Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream)
Directed by Victorine Pontillon
Performed by Eliza Power.

The reconciliation of Titania in the play with her husband with Oberon is quite unsatisfactory. It sort of runs on the assumption that they return to how they were before and that is that. There is no resolution to their dance, it finishes with he wins and she's back on his wavelength.  

Our Titania is transformed by her experience. There is no doubt that she would be altered by such intense feelings. I was really interested in exploring how this might change someone and what happened next. How would a reconciliation happen and more importantly how would Titania herself reclaim herself after losing control. 

Again a first draft of this one dived nose first into despair, the cold and flatline depression and tail chased in that void for too long. Victorine (Director Extraordinaire) reminded me of how playful Titania is in the play and of how much the petty argument between the King and Queen is based on a disconnect between eternal lovers. This resulted in a really satisfying tone shift in the redraft and a absolutely gorgeous performance by Eliza. She's every inch a Queen.