Miranda In Souliloquy.

Miranda In Souliloquy.
By Tilly Lunken
Directed by Victorine Pontillon
Performed by Tessa Hart

After William Shakespeare’s The Tempest

A Princess who is an island.

In the play Miranda marries for love in a match that reunites her family and leaves behind her life and the magic of the island. She is swept up in love and plot and given no time to reflect on any choices she makes. 

Our Miranda is content in her heart but her mind is used to freedom and not being bound by the strict social conventions of being a Princess at Court. Her story falls into what happens in the 'happily ever after' genre - because what does that mean?

Working with Tessa was great, we both love the lyrical quality of her voice and how her eyes shines - she is Miranda and she really captures the lightness in tone of the character as well as taking on the seriousness of feeling trapped by her society and happiness.