Ambition To Live - Short film by One Umbrella Productions

There is an art to the short film and most of it relates to simplicity, in five minutes you don’t have the luxury to be complicated and the strongest are not. With Ambition to Live Jordan Pitt has written, produced and performed a piece that is well suited to the medium. In favour of music and inter-cut visuals we hear next to no dialogue. Here we are with Nathan inside his fight to live, inside the boxing ring, all the while watching his body on the road.

Internalising the story is a clever move, as it reduces what could be a very messy situation back to simply Nathan. Who he is; where he is going? We learn much of his character, strength and determination to live. To balance this, Director Fraster Ayres presents us with the reactions to Nathan’s accident from friends and the emergency services so we do get a very real sense of the outside danger. However, inside Nathan it is as calm and focused as if he was in the ring. To watch this in contrast to the distress of others is very moving. 

The production values of this short are strong. There is clearly vision in the filming and the colour palette is suited to both the ‘real’ accident scene and the more stylised internal world. There is an art to the short film, and with Ambition to Live One Umbrella Productions show that they get it. 

For more information you can find One Umbrella Productions on youtube.