A Letter to Canberra

Dear Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd,

I am writing this letter to you - not in the hope that you will read it (because let's face it, you are both well past caring what I think, aren't you)? but to remind you of a few things that you seem to have forgotten. 

You are representative of us.
You are employed by us.
You are elected by us.
You are accountable to us.

And so if we choose to elect Independents, Greens etc. in the lower house then you have no choice but to work with them. This is what a working democratic system means.  

Can you drop the self-entitled crap and remember this is not about you? It is about us, and if as a nation we decide that we equally despise both of you then it is your duty to respond to that situation and form a government that can actually function.

Might I remind you that whatever her faults Julia Gillard managed to get through the most amount of legislation that any government we have had - this was in a minority government with Independents and Greens and guess what, it worked. Overall it worked. It functioned, there was negotiation and things got done. Those speeches from Rob Oakshott and Tony Windsor said so much more about our elected government than any of the bitter and pathetic politicking from you on both sides  around our First Female Prime Minister.

And now here we are. Two nasty little men fighting over something they believe it is their god-given right to have. Well you know something, it isn't. It never was, and it never will be. Governing this country is not your right.

We've endured the last term of office with you two men in denial about the validity of the last election. Both of you really believing that it should have been you as PM for the entire term and you should both be held to account for this because it is a colossal misrepresentation of what politics should be about. 

I say it again. Governing this country is not your right.   

The last election ended in a hung parliament. It was a valid outcome. It happened. And if it happens again then it is not your choice to sit back and do nothing, blaming the other side.

It is a requirement of your job to sort it out and get on with it. 

Yours Sincerely,
A Soon To Be Well Hung Australia 


  1. Good one, Tils! You make your point well. This "I won't form a coalition with THEM" crap makes me awfully awfully angry as well. I sent off a short letter to The Age today so I hope they publish it. I feel as though Abbott and Rudd are talking away and getting lots of air and yet 90% of the population think they are wrong, for one reason or another.


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