Work in Progress - Alice

Voice One:
It’s cold
A bit chilly on the bones
With only your scrap of blanket
Between the tiles and your overcoat

Already walking, but
The damp penetrates his sleep
She wraps him tightly in all they have
No night yet spent untunneled

Mattresses and sheets
Are for the brave.
My love for you scares me

This is part of a radio play/ "play for voices" that I am working on. There is quite a lot of rythm and poetry -which I think you need when doing things that focus on voices in the dark. It is set Underground in the tube stations to escape the Blitz in London during WWII. There are many characters and people who contribute. This is Alice - who's child was born at the start of the Blitz and has never spent a night above ground since then - many people remained underground for nearly the duration of the war. It was seen as a place of safety - although there were significant casualities. Anyway. I rather like, it. Her boy - Little Spencer is complaining about the cold. A CONTEXT! What more could you desire?