Creative Blockage.

Well, it seems to have finally opened out. The sucker has lifted and water is once again free to run through the pipes. It seems my little thesis is back on the bike. We may be right near the start of Le Tour de France but we are up and riding... and BOY DOES IT FEEL GOOD!

Writing blocks are the stuff of legend, well not really but people always talk about them. Discuss them. Dismiss them. (Bastards). But the reality is that you may not completely stop writing but you start treading water. For days, weeks and even months. You might write 16 pages of script with only two you consider worth keeping. Things are ticking over and stewing but never moving forward. Around a bit, true. Or perhaps to the side but never significantly forward.

So what lightening bolt strikes away the blockage? It isn't lightening bolt. It is a little chisel that whittles it away! A wonderful chisel of lightening.

You see, watching almost the complete box set of the Vicar of Dibley helped. So did receiving a shock new deadline. So did reading through all the old notes from last semester. As did reading those new books from the ERC. And realising that there are words, and script, and writing, and theatre, and literature in a play. And hard questions and facing them and answering them are also very important. That mind map is worth using, yes for methodology, but what does it all mean? Why is one writing it at all? And this is the final bit to ensure renewed flow. There is after all a point to this awfully slow and painful procrastination. There is a point to what I am writing. There is a point to this thesis.

And that point is what I want to share. And will share, at the end of the race. (Wearing yellow of course)!