Reading as of Now:

Moab is my Washpot is the autobiographical account of Stephen Fry and his rather delicious first twenty years as a class clown, thief, rubbish swimmer and general juvenille delinqant. It was to put it finely, really, rather good. Wonderful, actually.

Although, of course, I am duty bound to inform the esteemable Mr. Fry that his writing is incredibly fast past and one is given to nearly passing out as one reads through nearly half a page of this gorgeous prose without giving the chance to even take one breath and pause and reflect on the sentence structure or indeed the contents of what has just been revealed! (gasp).

Stephen Fry is one of my utmost favourite people. I love his intelligence; his writing; his humour; his wit; his broken nose; his acting; his genuine interest in life and his poetry. In other words apart from a sprinkling of punctuation he is just about as marvelous as anyone can get.

I have moved on to read Paperweight - a collection of his radio performances; articles; essays and musings. I am enjoying it immensly in small doses. Just as lovely as his longer work. And much more digestable!