On The Shelf

Some time ago, I radically organised all of my book shelves. These are the the 'Classics' and 'Plays/Scripts' sections.

The bottom left section contain my plays (Shakespeare; Alan Bennett; Euripides; Goons; Cohen Brothers; Oscar Wilde; Sopohocles etc). I think it's terribly important to read theatre as well as see it performed if you mean to write any!

The 'Classics' section is a bit ad-hoc. It contains a lot of Jane Austen (everything that she published!); Virginia Woolf; Oscar Wilde; Laurie Lee; Mr. Kipling; Jean Rhys; Dumas; Lewis Carroll etc. I think I've read everything in this category except Victor Kellerher- too scary (?!) My personal favourite here is the Scarlett Pimpernel which is fantastic! Full of romance, adventure, daring escapes, humour, history! It's truly wonderful and is written by Baroness Orczy. The Popular Penguin series is going to expand the 'Classic' section more and more - you can see them breeding in the bottom right.

Lizzy is the the lizard on the record player.