I Am Not Your Art.

Image courtesy of Laura Williams

Friday 25th May at 9pm at the Norwich Puppet Theatre.

Written by Tilly Lunken
Directed by Ariel Navarro
Initial Concept Design by Laura Williams
Costume/Set: Rebecca McManus and Lorna Travers
Alex Allen
Richard Bennett
Linda Black
Jamie English Heath
Wendy Flanagan
Cameron Tucker

Performed as part of the BETA platform as part of the Norwich Festival 2012.

A story of the painter and the painted. Dora Maar attempts to reclaim ownership of what she lost when she gave her face to Picasso and he gifted it to the world as The Weeping Woman series. Combining elements of dance, lyrical language and visual art within an intensely theatrical construct, this work comes to the stage as an exhibition in a transitional space. As Dora seeks to reconstruct the pieces of her being she emerges as a curiously defiant figure and proves inextricably linked with the art that she has become.  

Being directed.

Owning the Stage

"Like this."

This play frames art as a medium of multiple understandings and interpretations and directly interacts with the way audiences engage with art. It asks us to question not only our personal responses to the Weeping Woman series but also the consequences of producing such powerful representations. Who owns this face? Who owns this grief? 

Colours and Costumes

A Rouge Mime!

The Critics
Come see this exploration on defining Art and reclaiming what has been stolen. There might be wine, or there should be wine and there certainly is dancing!